Right View

Evolving a right path initially requires right view or right understanding. Right View is a plan of the path, and emphasises the qualities and actions required for success. Right View is having wise beliefs, feelings and thoughts.

Right Action

Right Intent is futile without Right Action. Right Action is the development of kindness and compassion for every living being, the commitment to non-injury in the form of good will and harmlessness and concern for the welfare of others.

Right Mindfulness

Right Mindfulness is presence of mind, attentiveness or awareness and consciousness. All consciousness involves awareness in the sense of a knowing or experiencing an object.

Right Intention

Right Intention also known as “Right Thought”, is the forerunner of action, directing body and speech, stirring them into activity, using them as its instruments for expressing its aims and ideals.

Right Livelihood

Right livelihood entails that one earns one’s living in a righteous way. The livelihood should be gained legally, peacefully, honestly and without harming others.

Right Concentration

Whichever path you choose, you require to establish moral discipline. The various impediments must be severed. And for either path, you require a conducive place for practice. Then you need to select a goal, something to focus on to develop your concentration.

Right Speech

An age old popular adage propounds that the world would be pleasant place for a person with right words. Right Speech is to abstain from telling lies, using false, harsh, malicious or slanderous words.

Right Effort

The need for Right Effort, diligence, exertion, and unflagging perseverance cannot be overstated on the path to success.


The only requirements for reaching the final goal are to start and to continue.