Thanks Giving Day - 2018

Thanks Giving day is a perfect occassion to be grateful to your friends, family and community we live in. VIVIANS took this oppurtunity to express thier gratitude towards the society they live in.


The junior VIVIANS spent thier time with the school helpers and showed thier gratitude towards the help they get on a daily basis from all of them

School community1

School Community2

School community3

School community4

Students of Grade II and III visited a dumb and deaf school to spend some quality time with them and had a potluck of snacks with the children

Dumb and deaf school2

Dumb and deaf school1

Dumb and deaf school3

Students of Grade IV and V visited Nirmal Hruday Bhavan and shared thier innocence with the residents there

Nirmal hruday1

Nirmal hruday2

Nirmal Hruday3